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Pegasor announces Mi2 fine particle monitoring system

29 May 2013

Pegasor, a Finland-based developer of fine particle sensor technologies, announced the introduction of Pegasor Mi2 integrated particle monitoring system.

The new instrument is based on the Pegasor PPS-M sensor for particle measurement. The sensor—based on a particle charging technique known as “escaping current”—provides a real time measurement with a 0.2 s resolution. Because the aerosol is ejected from, rather than being deposited within the sensor, the PPS is the only monitor specifically designed for long term, high resolution monitoring of fine and ultrafine particles, said Pegasor.

The sensor can be calibrated for two measurement modes: (1) simultaneous measurement of particle mass and number and (2) accurate particle mass measurement. The PPS-M sensor has been developed for monitoring of ultrafine particle concentrations in a wide variety of applications, including diesel engine emissions.

The Mi2 is an integrated particle monitoring system designed to collect data on fine particle mass and number concentrations over long periods and across wide dynamic ranges. The Mi2 monitor can be used in the test cell or as a component of PEMS systems.

Mi2 was launched in Fall 2012 with first units shipping at the end of 2012. Over 20 units have already been shipped to clients across Europe and North America. The California EPA has taken delivery of their first unit and have plans to acquire more units—according to Pegasor—as part of their efforts to reduce the adverse health effects caused by fine particles in ambient air.

Source: Pegasor