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Dinex acquires Finland-based Ecocat group

4 July 2013

Dinex, a Denmark-based manufacturer of exhaust emission control systems, acquired Ecocat, a Finland-based supplier of emission control catalysts. The financial terms were not disclosed.

“Ecocat and Dinex have worked together before on several technological and customer projects during the last 10 years, we saw the big opportunities in combining the two companies,” said Torben Dinesen, owner and CEO of the Dinex group.

With the acquisition, Dinex is targeting a 10% share of the global emission control market for diesel- and gas-powered commercial engines, which will reach 7 billion euros by 2020, according the the company.

Ecocat head office and main production site is located in Vihtavuori, Finland. The company manufactures metallic emission control catalysts using their own catalyst-coated metal foil technology, as well as catalysts coated on ceramic substrates. Ecocat employs 260 and has a turnover of 60 million euro.

The Dinex group has 20 subsidiaries throughout Europe and Asia, employs 1,100 and has a turnover of 150 million euros.

Source: Dinex