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Westport and Weichai launch WP12 HPDI engine

29 April 2014

Westport Innovations announced the launch of final customer validation units of the Westport high pressure direct injection (HPDI 2.0) on the Weichai Westport WP12 engine platform. The Weichai Westport WP 12 HPDI is China’s first engine featuring Westport HPDI technology, which can delivering the performance of the base diesel engine, while replacing up to 95% of diesel fuel with natural gas. Weichai Westport plans to release 30 trucks for customer validation through 2014 with factory production expected to start in 2015. The WP12 with Westport HPDI 2.0 will be compliant with China V emission standards.

Weichai and Westport have also initiated the development of the 10 liter Weichai Westport WD10 engine with Westport HPDI 2.0. Weichai Westport will provide funding for the development with Westport supplying key components and engineering support. Due to commonality with the WP12, the program is expected to take approximately two years with product availability planned for 2016.

The current generation Weichai Westport WD10 and WP12 natural gas engines, using lean burn spark ignited technology, account for about 75% of Weichai Westport’s engine unit sales. The low cost of natural gas, combined with the large amount of domestic reserves, make it an attractive transportation fuel source for China, according to Westport. In the last two years, the joint venture sold over 60,000 natural gas vehicles.

Using Westport HPDI, the WP12 engine is expected to meet China V emission standards “without a complex after-treatment system”, said Westport, but no particulars were provided. The HPDI system injects both diesel fuel and natural gas directly into the cylinder, delivering diesel-like performance, but also producing higher emissions. For instance, Westport HPDI engines certified to the US 2010 emission standards require diesel particulate filters and urea-SCR systems. Methane emissions can also be a challenge, depending on the applicable emission standards.

Source: Westport