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MIRATECH, Phillips & Temro form new silencing company

16 May 2014

MIRATECH and Phillips & Temro Industries’ silencing business are merged to form a new company, named MIRATECH Group, LLC.

Audax Private Equity is forming the company through Audax’ investment in Phillips & Temro Industries (PTI) by spinning-off PTI’s silencing business and simultaneously acquiring MIRATECH to form MIRATECH Group. The company will be headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and will continue to do business in the PTI Silencing facilities in Minnesota and Winnipeg.

With the PTI Silencing combination, MIRATECH now operates three facilities throughout North America. MIRATECH’s headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a 29,000 square-foot facility which includes an innovation center focused on new product development. PTI Silencing operates two manufacturing facilities, including a 54,000 square-foot location in Prior Lake, MN for its EM Products, and a 17,000 square-foot facility in Winnipeg, Canada for its Cowl Products.

MIRATECH now offers a full suite of emission and acoustic solutions for industrial engines including catalysts, housings, silencers, control and monitoring systems and other related services. Additionally, the company provides custom system solutions for piping, platforms, general contracting and technical field services.

Source: Miratech