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Proventia announces NOxPAC™ SCR system for Tier 4 applications

13 May 2014

Proventia Emission Control announced a compact SCR emission system intended for Tier 4 final applications. Integrating a urea mixer and an SCR catalyst in a single unit, the NOxPAC™ system design has been optimized for installations with tight space requirements—the system allows urea (AdBlue/DEF) mixing length of less than 300 mm and the entire system length is 650 mm.

The NOxPAC system utilizes Proventia’s SuperTornado DEF Mixing Unit. “Efficient mixing allows injection to start at very low temperatures, even below 200°C, while still achieving a high NH3 uniformity index above 0.98 in a wide range of engine operating conditions,” said Proventia.

Proventia NOxPAC SCR System

The system is packed with integrated light-weight thermal insulation that maintains high SCR catalyst temperature and keeps the surface temperature low.

Proventia believes that the NOxPAC™ concept would be an interesting solution for smaller off-road machines with limited space. The ideal application of the NOxPAC™ system are engines of 2–5 liters and less than 100 kW.

Source: Proventia