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SwRI® to launch catalyst and emission control technologies consortium

14 May 2014

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) announced today the formation of the Advanced Combustion Catalyst and Aftertreatment Technologies (AC2AT) consortium.

The four-year joint industry consortium, scheduled to kick off June 27, 2014, will be open to original equipment manufacturers and affiliated businesses in the automotive industry, and will provide a collaborative approach to evaluating engine emissions and novel catalyst technologies. Annual membership will be $95,000.

“As future emission regulations are proposed, it is important for engine and equipment manufacturers to understand the detailed composition of emissions from these advanced combustion concepts, evaluate what strategies can be developed to treat emissions, and identify alternative uses for catalysts that can reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions,” said Cary Henry, principal engineer in SwRI’s Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division.

The Institute will pursue patents for technology developed by the AC2AT program, and participants will receive a royalty-free license to use AC2AT-developed technology. Consortium members benefit from the combined funding, providing substantially more pre-competitive research than would be possible with funding from a single client, said the SwRI.

The AC2AT consortium will be the eighth automotive industry-related consortium currently managed by the Institute.

For more information contact Henry at (210) 522-2424 or at chenry@swri.org.

Source: SwRI