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Nett BlueMAX NOVA 300e SCR+DPF System verified by California ARB

25 June 2014

Nett Technologies has received a verification from the California Air Resources Board (ARB) for their BlueMAX™ NOVA 300e integrated SCR + DPF system.

The BlueMAX NOVA 300e system has been verified to reduce PM emissions by 85% (Level 3 Plus) and to reduce NOx emissions by 85% (Mark 5). The verification is applicable to diesel engines above 56 kW certified to Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 off-road emission standards, emitting PM at a rate of 0.2 g/bhp-hr or less, used in stationary applications associated with prime power generators.

The BlueMAX NOVA 300e incorporates an active diesel particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction system. The active DPF system consists of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) positioned upstream of a catalyzed DPF. The catalyst lowers the PM oxidation temperature allowing the filter to passively regenerate at temperatures above 300°C. When the engine exhaust temperature is not sufficient for passive regeneration, the DPF is actively regenerated using an electric exhaust heater.

NOx emissions are reduced over the SCR catalyst, positioned downstream of the DPF, using urea (diesel exhaust fluid, DEF) as the reductant. The system is equipped with a display providing operator feedback and a data logger that records a number of operating parameters and system error codes, in accordance with the ARB requirements.

The Nett BlueMAX™ 300D retrofit SCR system (without a DPF) for stationary engines was recently verified by the US EPA.

Source: Nett Technologies | California ARB