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Deere introduces retrofit DPF kit for legacy machines

27 November 2014

John Deere has collaborated with Nett Technologies—a Toronto, Canada-based emission control supplier—to offer an actively regenerated diesel particulate filter (DPF) for “legacy” John Deere construction machines. The VorTEQ 100 DPF kit will enable the use of older John Deere machines in projects that require clean diesel emissions. The use of low emission diesel equipment has been required on certain larger construction sites, especially on publicly funded projects, as well as within some of the largest cities in the United States and Canada.

Nett has received California Air Resource Board (ARB) Level 3 verification for the VorTEQ 100 DPF system and it will carry the ARB 5 year/4200 hour mandatory warranty.

The VortTEQ system utilizes a controller and a diesel burner to monitor filter condition and control regeneration. A display in the operators’ cabin alerts the operator when a regeneration is required. The DPF kit is a stand-alone system and does not interact with vehicle electronic or operator monitor systems.

Nett has worked closely with John Deere Construction & Forestry engineering to design, validate, and package the filter kit in the under-the-hood location on existing John Deere equipment models.

The Deere equipment models compatible with the DPF kit include the 210LJ Tier 3 landscape loader, six models of Tier 3 backhoes (310, 410 and 710 series), five Tier 3-1 four-wheel-drive loaders (524K, 544J, 544K and 624H/J) and the Tier 1 670C grader. More verified kits will be added in the near future, said John Deere.

The retrofit kits are available through John Deere dealers.

Source: John Deere