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Nett BlueMAX™ PLUS 100 SCR system receives US EPA verification

8 January 2015

Nett Technologies announced that its BlueMAX™ PLUS 100 SCR system received a US EPA verification. The BlueMAX PLUS 100 SCR system represents the industry’s only NOx and PM retrofit emission control device to be commercially available to the nonroad market, said Nett Technologies.

The BlueMAX PLUS 100 system has been verified to reduce emissions of NOx by 85%, PM by 85%, HC by 60% and CO by 95%. The verification is applicable to medium- and heavy-duty nonroad diesel engines between 75 and 560 kW (100-750 hp), certified to Tier 1-3 emission standards.

The BlueMAX PLUS 100 system consists of a passive, catalyzed diesel particulate filter (DPF) followed by a urea SCR system. Exhaust gas temperatures above 325°C for at least 25% of the normal duty cycle are required to ensure filter regeneration.

The system has been developed by integrating the DPF component with the BlueMAX 100 SCR system that was verified by the US EPA in 2010.

Source: Nett Technologies