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Amminex wins contract to upgrade Copenhagen city buses to Euro VI

21 September 2015

Amminex announced it has won a contract to upgrade over 300 Copenhagen’s city buses with a retrofit SCR-DPF emission system that incorporates the company’s ASDS™ gaseous ammonia storage and delivery system. By replacing the conventional urea/AdBlue reductant with gaseous ammonia, the SCR system can operate at lower temperatures and improve its NOx reduction efficiency in the stop-and-go city bus operation.

A testing program of the Amminex system was completed on a Copenhagen bus last year. The Danish government and the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg have decided to upgrade the city buses to reduce NOx/NO2 and particle emissions. The buses will be upgraded from the current Euro III/IV/V/EEV emission standards to meet the much stricter Euro VI standard.

Amminex, together with local partners and the UK-based Eminox, has been selected to perform the upgrade and will install complete Johnson Matthey SCRT® emission systems with the Amminex ASDS™ technology. Through the use of the NH3 reductant, the buses to meet not only the Euro VI emission limits—said Amminex—but also the coming Euro VI in-service conformity (ISC) requirements that involve real driving emissions testing.

Amminex ASDS™ technology works by storing and injecting gaseous NH3 into the exhaust gas upstream of the SCR catalyst. This enables more efficient NOx reduction in all driving conditions. The technology represents a particular advantage in cold climates, as well as low exhaust temperatures, which are typical for buses operating in urban environments.

The tender was won by Amminex in competition with other technologies using conventional urea-based NOx reductant.

“We are proud to roll out our ASDS™ technology including the difference it will make for air quality and the citizens of Copenhagen. We have other similar retrofit opportunities in the pipeline and look forward to bring our technology and Danish clean-tech approach to other cities around the world. Currently we are working with one of our shareholders, Faurecia, on penetrating the local Chinese and Asian bus and truck markets and we are also looking at retrofit projects in major cities,” said Annika Isaksson, CEO of Amminex.

The installations have already begun and are scheduled to be finalized by March 2016. The project is a collaboration between the local public transit authority Movia, Miljøministeriet, Miljøstyrelsen, Trafikstyrelsen, the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg and operators Anchersen Rute ApS, Arriva Danmark A/S og Nobina Danmark A/S. The main shareholders of Amminex Emissions Technology are Faurecia, SEED Capital Denmark and Nordea-fonden.

Source: Amminex