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Paccar launches MX-11 diesel engine in North America

6 October 2015

Paccar is expanding its range of engines in North America with the introduction of the Paccar MX-11 diesel engine, with an output of up to 430 hp and 1,550 lb-ft of torque. The MX-11, which complements the MX-13 engine, is scheduled to be available with Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks in January 2016.

Paccar launched the MX-11 engine in Europe in 2013, installing over 10,000 units in DAF trucks in the last two years.

Paccar MX-11 diesel engine

The 10.8 liter MX-11 engine features a double overhead camshaft design and a compact graphite iron (CGI) engine block and cylinder head. The engine utilizes a common rail fuel system with injection pressures of 2,500 bar.

The B10 life of the MX-11 (i.e., the mileage by which 10% of the units will have failed) is claimed to be 1 million miles for highway applications and 750,000 for vocational use.

Source: Paccar