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Renault reduces NOx emissions on Euro 6b diesel models

7 April 2016

Renault announced that it has deployed measures designed to reduce NOx emissions from its Euro 6b diesel vehicles in “customer driving conditions”.

These measures, which “significantly reduce NOx emissions in real life conditions without a noticeable impact on performance or fuel consumption” will be applied in factory on Renault diesel Euro 6b models from July 2016, said the company.

From October 2016, customers who have already taken delivery of a diesel Euro 6b vehicle can arrange to have the modifications applied, free of charge, through a software update at their Renault dealer.

Renault is implementing two changes to the emission control systems in its vehicles:

The combination of these actions will on average, according to the conditions and driving style, reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in the extended EGR zone by half, said Renault.

The above measures represent a first step towards the future Euro 6d standard, which will include RDE (Real Driving Emissions) testing requirements and limits, said the company. In addition, Renault is developing new technologies to prepare for the Euro 6d regulations, expected from September 2017 for new types.

Source: Renault