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Proventia Euro VI retrofit approved for Swedish Environmental Zones

20 July 2016

Finland’s Proventia Emission Control announced that their NOxBUSTER® City DPF + SCR retrofit system has been approved for use in Swedish Environmental Zones. The system can be used on Euro IV/V diesel buses and trucks to reduce their emissions to the Euro VI levels and to allow the vehicles to drive into the Environmental Zones.

A vehicle equipped with the Proventia NOxBUSTER® City retrofit exhaust aftertreatment system has been tested in an engine laboratory (WHVC test cycle) as well as on the road using PEMS analyzers. In each case, the vehicle’s emissions were below Euro VI limits.

Euro IV and V vehicles retrofitted with the system receive an official annotation in their registration documents stating that the vehicles’ emissions are equivalent to the Euro VI emission class. These vehicles are allowed to drive into Swedish Environmental Zones (Miljözon) without restriction.

NOxBUSTER® City system installation

Proventia’s NOxBUSTER® City system combines a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and an SCR catalyst that has been optimized for low exhaust temperature city driving conditions. The NOxBUSTER® SCR catalyst utilizes standard commercial AdBlue solutions coupled with Proventia’s proprietary mixing technology and high efficiency insulation. The system provides high NOx reduction rates in real urban driving, including cold-start phases, said Proventia.

Source: Proventia