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Stanadyne, BYC form diesel common rail alliance

26 January 2017

Stanadyne, a global fuel injection systems developer based in Windsor, CT, USA, and BYC (ASIMCO Tianwei) a fuel injection systems developer based in Beijing, China, announced the formation of a strategic alliance to bring diesel common rail (DCR) fuel systems to the global market.

The companies, which specialize in elements of DCR fuel systems, will blend their respective expertise to create complete, co-branded fuel systems. Stanadyne will lead the pump design and advanced manufacturing practices for the alliance, while BYC will focus on injector design, electronic control units and systems integration.

The Stanadyne-BYC alliance will offer a systems portfolio for a range of diesel engines up to 600 kW. The alliance aims to provide DCR systems that feature a flexible open architecture, which would allow to adapt and integrate a system to meet customer needs.

Many of the world’s top diesel engine manufacturers use DCR technology to meet the strict emission regulations in their markets, said Stanadyne. With upcoming regulatory changes in China, demand is growing for China-domestic suppliers that can deliver DCR systems and integration services to meet new emission standards.

While both Stanadyne and BYC have a strong design and manufacturing footprint in China, this agreement will bring DCR systems to the global market.

Source: Stanadyne