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Faurecia to equip 20,000 Seoul buses and trucks with Amminex technology

27 June 2017

Faurecia announced that it has won a contract to retrofit 20,000 Seoul buses and commercial vehicles using its Amminex technology.

As part of the Seoul Metropolitan Air Pollution Management Project, Faurecia will provide its SCR reductant delivery system through a supply agreement concluded with two partners—ILJIN and CleanEarth—who have both contracted with the Ministry of Environment in South Korea.

Amminex—a Danish technology company acquired by Faurecia in 2016—is the supplier of Ammonia Storage and Delivery System (ASDS™). ASDS is a gaseous ammonia delivery system that replaces diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or AdBlue®. The system utilizes replaceable and rechargeable cartridges to store ammonia using an inorganic storage material and to release it on-demand on the vehicle.

Amminex also offers a real-time monitoring of the emissions of each vehicle equipped. This provides cities with data to manage their fleet and the recharging of the cartridges. In order to support this project, Faurecia will also set up in South Korea a cartridge refilling station for recharging the cartridges and a distribution network.

Source: Faurecia