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Amminex introduces retrofit SCR system for passenger cars

30 August 2017

Denmark-based Amminex announced the BlueFit™ retrofit SCR system for diesel passenger cars. When installed on a Euro 5 car, the system can reduce NOx emissions to levels well below the Euro 6 standard, making the vehicle eligible for the proposed Bluesticker designation and enter the Low Emission Zones, said the company.

NOx emissions from a 2014 mid-sized Euro 5 diesel car retrofitted with the BlueFit system were reduced to 40 mg/km, or 50% below the Euro 6 NOx limit, according to Amminex. The testing was performed by the University of Graz under real driving conditions, using PEMS analyzers.

The BlueFit solution consist of two key elements: A scaled-down version of the Amminex ASDS ammonia storage and delivery system that is already used on commercial vehicles and an SCR catalyst. The ASDS is installed in the spare wheel well and the SCR catalyst is fitted to the exhaust pipe under the car. BlueFit does not require any changes in the engine compartment, the engine calibration, the diesel particulate filter or the electrical power system.

Amminex BlueFit™ SCR system installed in a passenger car

The standard BlueFit configuration has two compact ammonia cartridges, equivalent to 16 liters of AdBlue. The driving range will be around 15,000 km before the cartridge must be exchanged at a workshop. Some car models have room for a third cartridge, potentially extending the driving range to more than 20,000 kilometers.

In the Amminex ASDS system, gaseous ammonia is generated from a solid material stored in replaceable, rechargeable cartridges. The ammonia gas is released upon heating using electric energy and/or the engine coolant.

Source: Amminex