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Amminex, Eminox to offer retrofit NH3-SCR system in the UK

25 October 2017

Amminex and Eminox announced they will offer UK customers a retrofit ammonia-SCR + DPF kit that combines the Johnson Matthey SCRT® system and the Amminex Ammonia Storage & Delivery System (ASDS™).

The ASDS and SCRT retrofit technology—intended for heavy-duty diesel engines—can reduce NOx by 99% and PM emissions by 95%, resulting in emissions equivalent to Euro VI, according to the companies.

ASDS is designed to work at a wider temperature range compared to urea (AdBlue) SCR systems, because it releases gaseous NH3 into the system. This extends the operating range of the combined ASDS/SCRT system into lower exhaust temperatures that are typical in slow, congested driving.

The two companies hope to capitalize on the upcoming Low Emission Zone regulations in London and other UK cities. The City of London has been considering an early introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from April 2018, 17 months ahead of the regulatory deadline. Across England, 28 local authorities have been ordered to produce plans for tackling air pollution by March 2018.

With an established UK service and support network, development and fitting of the ASDS/SCRT kit will be carried out by Eminox. As part of the collaboration, Eminox will also become distributor of ASDS for the UK and Ireland.

Eminox and Amminex have already been working together on projects in Scandinavia, including the retrofit of city buses in Copenhagen.

Amminex ASDS technology works by storing and injecting gaseous NH3 into the exhaust gas upstream of the SCR catalyst. The NH3 is stored in rechargeable AdAmmine cartridges in the form of a solid compound that releases ammonia upon heating. The Amminex ASDS system has been installed on 400 vehicles and AdAmmine cartridges have been exchanged 41,985 times.

Source: Amminex