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Active Exhaust Control Systems for the Reduction of Harmful Emissions from Diesel Engines.

RYPOS Inc. is continually striving to make diesel engines cleaner for the environment, and meet the most stringent emission standards in the world. We have developed the RYPOS HDPF, a highly effective self-cleaning diesel exhaust filter that can be retrofitted and customized to meet the needs of the large diesel engine industry. Our success is based on our company's integrated research, development, and manufacturing capabilities. The RYPOS HDPF can be configured with diesel oxidation catalysts to reduce the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. The RYPOS HDPF can act as a sound absorption device, replacing the muffler while occupying the same space.

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Industry Segment/Application:

the rypos hdpf self cleaning diesel exhaust filter

RYPOS HDPF System Features:

  • Applications include land and marine-based gensets, either prime or back-up power; diesel locomotives, water pumps, and other direct-drive diesel applications.
  • High performance - removes up to 90% of soot particulates
  • The filter medium is sintered metal fiber material with high soot holding capacity
  • Energy efficient - requires less than 1%, on average, of engine output to operate
  • Automatic electrical regeneration with pressure sensing used to initiate regeneration cycles
  • Continuous monitoring to maintain low back pressure
  • Size can be adapted from 50 to 2000kW Gensets
  • Can be used with or without diesel oxidation catalyst