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BG3: New Engine PM Sampling Standard is Born

Eliminate Need for Expensive & Cumbersome Full-Flow CVS systems

The BG3 Partial Flow Dilution (PFD) technology has been in use since 2004 as a workhorse performing engine research and development to accurately sample exhaust particulate matter (PM) emissions over both steady state and transient test cycles.   On January 7, 2011, PFD was signed into law and is now included in the United States Federal Register as a legally recognized alternative method to CVS in 40 CFR part 1065 for engine certification. The Direct Final Rule (DFR) contains, among other things, the heretofore unprecedented allowance to use PFD for engine emissions particulate matter (PM) transient certification testing.

The Docket for the DFR shows that the basis for the US EPA decision was the correlation to FTP and NRTC CVS transient test cycle PM, as required by 40 CFR Part 1065.12 demonstrated by BG3.  A nearly 5-year program in cooperation with the US EPA resulted in a BG3 vs CVS multiple engine, two-lab correlation study (requiring the measurement of PM over a two-decade range in concentration levels)  was performed to prove BG3 complies as a suitable, fully compliant alternative method to CVS for certification of engines tested on 2007 and Tier IV transient test cycles.  This historical milestone opens the door to greater PM testing flexibility for all Heavy Duty (HD) as well as the Light Duty engine manufacturers requiring compliance to 40CFR Part 1065 test procedures. Learn more about the BG3...

What Makes the BG3 the Ideal Alternative

BG3 is the recognized standard in the industry for partial flow sampling.  BG3 is the most widely used technology of its type
and boasts an installed base of hundreds of units globally.The following are some reasons customers throughout the world have chosen BG3.

» Detailed BG®3 Product Overview