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Emission Standards

Colombia: On-Road Vehicles and Engines

Emission standards for model year 2010 and later vehicles in Colombia are outlined in Resolution 910 of 2008 [4433]. This Resolution covers light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The primary focus is on-road vehicles as many non-road applications are excluded. Resolution 1111 of 2013 modified the 2008 Resolution to introduce Euro 4/IV and US EPA Tier 2/2010 limits and to regulate emissions from natural gas and LPG heavy-duty engines [4434]. In 2019, Law 1972 was issued to propose further lowering the limits for new diesel vehicles to Euro VI or equivalent [4435]. Table 1 summarizes the emission requirements for on-road vehicles in Colombia.

Table 1
Emission requirements for on-road vehicles in Colombia
ApplicationEmission LimitsApplicability Date
Gasoline light- and medium-dutyUS EPA Tier 1 50,000 mile limits or
Euro 2
MY 2010 and later
Diesel light- and medium-dutyUS EPA Tier 1 50,000 mile limits or
Euro 2
MY 2010 and later
US EPA Tier 2 Bin 9 or
Euro 4
Starting 09.2013
Euro 6 or equivalentStarting 01.2023
Gasoline heavy-duty enginesUS EPA 1998MY 2010 and later
NG and LPG heavy-duty enginesUS EPA 2005 or
Euro IV
Starting 09.2013
Diesel heavy-duty enginesUS EPA 1996 or
Euro II
MY 2010 and later
Euro IV or equivalentaStarting 09.2013
Euro VI or equivalentStarting 01.2023
a Euro V with OBD or US EPA 2010 with HD OBD are considered to be equivalent

Law 1972 of 2019 also has several other provisions, including:

  • OBD requirements for diesel vehicles are to be introduced by 2021;
  • a ban on diesel vehicles nation wide after January 2035 unless they meet Euro VI or equivalent emission limits;
  • a requirement that many mass transit fleets have minimum of 20% zero emission vehicles [4435].

In-use Vehicle Testing. Resolution 910 of 2008 also includes emission limits that apply to in-use vehicles. Spark ignition engines are subject to maximum limits on CO and HC that depend on vehicle age while diesel vehicles are subject to maximum exhaust opacity limits [4433]. Inclusion of a PN limit for in-use testing of vehicles fitted with a DPF is being considered.

Fuel Quality. As of December 31, 2012, it is prohibited to distribute, market, consume or transport diesel fuels that contain more than 50 ppm of sulfur, except for that which is imported or produced for exclusive export purposes [4436]. Law 1972 of 2019 proposes a maximum of 15 ppm starting January 1, 2023 and 10 ppm starting December 1, 2025 [4435]. The maximum sulfur level allowed in gasoline was set at 300 ppm in 2011.