20 September 2004

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced a $2,000,000 solicitation for proposals to develop, demonstrate and evaluate energy-efficient diesel pollution control technology. Two categories of proposals are sought:

  • Category A: Clean Diesel Technology Development—Proposals to support the development, demonstration, and commercialization of innovative clean diesel technology and systems. Category A proposals for technology development must lead to building or demonstrating a working prototype of a clean diesel technology product or system.
  • Category B: Demonstration & Evaluation of Emission Control Technology for Off-Road Sectors—Proposals to evaluate in-use performance of retrofit control technologies to reduce diesel emissions from existing engines in New York State. Category B proposals for in-use demonstration and evaluation must outline steps needed to develop a New York State inventory of off-road diesel engines, identify applications of commercially available retrofit technologies, define a low-cost in-use field test protocol, and conduct a field-testing demonstration program with the participation of potential customer groups.

Under the solicitation (PON 882), NYSERDA plans to award multiple cost-shared contracts in Category A up to a combined total of $1,250,000, and a single cost-shared contract award in Category B for up to $750,000. Proposals are due by 16 November 2004.

Source: NYSERDA (Announcement | Solicitation)