16 February 2006

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified Rypos ADPF diesel particulate filter for use in stationary diesel-powered emergency standby generators. The Rypos filter also received conditional verification for pumps, typically used in farming and oil-fields, pending the completion of further field testing.

The Rypos ADPF filter has been verified as a Level 2 device, achieving a 50% reduction in particulate matter emissions. The filter can be used on 1996 to 2006 diesel engines certified to Tier 1, 2, or 3 nonroad emission standards, operating on CARB diesel fuel (≤ 500 ppm S).

The Rypos ADPF particulate filter system uses a sinter metal fiber cartridge to collect particulates. The filter is actively regenerated using electrical power, where the metallic filter media are used as a resistive heater.

During the verification tests, the Rypos ADPF filter reduced particulate matter emissions by more than 60%.

Source: California ARB (executive order | verification letter | engine families)