DPF Systems

11 February 2009

Germany’s PURI tech GmbH announced that it has reached an agreement with Daimler AG to become an exclusive supplier of diesel particulate filters (DPF) for retrofitting of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Germany.

The filters can be used for retrofitting of Euro II and Euro III trucks to become eligible for discounted Maut highway toll rates and to meet the requirements of Environmental Zones in several German cities. The PURI tech filters for Mercedes-Benz trucks use “closed” wall-flow monolith substrates of high, over 90% PM filtration efficiency.

The filters will be offered in three configurations:

  • DPFN Standard System—The filter is coated with a catalyst to facilitate passive regeneration.
  • DPFN+ (Standard System with Pre-Filter)—The system incorporates an oxidation catalyst upstream of the DPF to promote passive regeneration at lower exhaust temperatures.
  • DPFN++ (Standard System with Pre-Filter and Fuel Injection)—System with active regeneration via fuel injection upstream of the catalyst.

Source: PURI tech