29 July 2009

Navistar announced price increases of $6,000-$8,000 for 2010 emission compliant International trucks powered by MaxxForce Advanced EGR diesel engines. The price increase depends on the engine model:

  • Vehicles with mid-range diesel engines, including the MaxxForce 7, MaxxForce DT, MaxxForce 9 and MaxxForce 10, will increase by $6,000.
  • Vehicles with heavy-duty diesel engines, including the MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13, will increase by $8,000.

Last month, Navistar announced a price increase of $6,000 for its 2010 buses, including all IC Bus school bus models.

Increases will come in the form of a non-discountable surcharge applied to each vehicle’s base price.

To meet the EPA 2010 NOx emission requirements, the MaxxForce engines will use exhaust gas recirculation—“Advanced EGR”—coupled with a number of engine technologies:

  • Advancements in fuel injection: The fuel injection systems are capable of delivering fuel into the cylinder multiple times per cycle and at higher pressures. Utilization of one or more pre- and post-injections along with the main injection event means combustion can take place over a longer period and be more complete, resulting in less NOx formation.
  • Improved air intake management: The advanced EGR system utilizes dual turbochargers. The first, smaller turbocharger provides boost at lower engine speeds, while the second, larger turbo provides maximum power at higher engine speeds. An inter-stage cooler between the turbochargers reduces the charge air temperature and allows more air to be supplied into the second stage turbo for maximum power at high engine speeds. Combining these features with the increased EGR rate means the combustion in the cylinder occurs slower and at a lower temperature, generating less NOx.
  • Improved electronic calibration: Engine controllers previously utilized pre-programmed look-up table to determine the fuel-air mixture. Increases in computing power allow for a continuous, model-based calculation of the optimum mixture to achieve maximum power and efficiency.
  • Proprietary combustion technology: The redesigned combustion bowl and the higher fuel injection pressure provide better fuel atomization and better fuel distribution inside the cylinder, resulting in a more complete and cleaner combustion.

The fuel economy in EGR engines is expected to be lower compared to engines using the competing 2010 emission technology, urea-SCR. Nvertheless, according to Navistar, MaxxForce Advanced EGR engines will still deliver lower total operating costs for customers.

The price increase for the heaviest Navistar engines with EGR technology is about 17% ($1,600) less compared to some 2010 engines with urea-SCR. In March, Volvo announced a surcharge of $9,600 applicable to new trucks with SCR technology powered by Volvo D11, D13 and D16 engines, as well as by the Cummins ISX.

Source: Navistar