Development of powertrain systems—Engine instrumentation and test systems—Emission analysis systems—Advanced simulation technologies

Sierra Instruments, Inc.
Chassis dynamometer systems—Test cell automation software—Engine intake air mass flow meters

A&D Technology Inc.USA
ACS, Inc. (Affiliated Construction Services)USA
Application Engineering Inc.USA
Associated Elektrodyne Industries Pvt. Ltd.India
Clayton IndustriesUSA
CyberMetrix, IncUSA
D2T GroupFrance
Digalog Corporation (AVL)USA
Drivven, Inc.USA
Dyne Systems Inc.USA
Dyno One, IncUSA
Dynocom Industries Inc.Canada
Dynomerk ControlsIndia
Earthsafe Systems, Inc.USA
Emprise CorporationUSA
Froude Hofmann Inc.USA
HITEC CorporationUSA
HORIBA Automotive Test Systems GmbHGermany
iASYS Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.India
Industrial Controls & Automation (ICA)India
J-TEC Associates, Inc.USA
Kahn Industries, Inc.USA
Land & Sea, Inc.USA
Max Machinery, Inc.USA
Meidensha CorporationJapan
MTS Systems Corporation, DSPT DivisionUSA
Mustang DynamometerUSA
Power Dyne Inc.USA
Power Test Inc. / Stuska DynamometerUSA
Prime ONE ContractingUSA
Revolutionary Engineering, Inc.USA
SAJ Test Plant Pvt. Ltd.India
Sakor Technologies, Inc.USA
Stowe Enterprises, Inc.USA
SuperFlow CorporationUSA
Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.USA
Tescor Inc.USA
Tuzeks Automotive Engineering, Testing and Automation Systems Inc.Turkey