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Urban Bus Retrofit/Rebuild—DDC to certify equipment

6 November 1997

The US EPA announced that a notification notification of intent to certify urban bus retrofit/rebuild equipment submitted by Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) is available for public review and comment, and initiated a 45-day period during which comments can be submitted.

Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) has submitted to the EPA a notification of intent to certify urban bus retrofit/rebuild equipment to a 0.1 gram per brake-horsepower-hr (g/bhp-hr) particulate matter (PM) standard. The equipment consists of the base engine components used on the 25% reduction retrofit/rebuild kit certified by DDC (2 October 1995), components from the 25% retrofit catalyst muffler kit previously certified under the program by Engine Control Systems, Ltd. (6 January 1997), and a TurboPac supercharger system supplied by Turbodyne Systems, Inc. which supplies additional charge air during engine acceleration. The candidate kit is applicable to all 6V-92TA MUI engine models made by DDC for model years 1979 to 1989 and equipped with mechanical unit injectors (MUI). The kit would be available in three horsepower levels (253, 277, and 294) for 6V-92TA engines.

DDC's notification does not provide life cycle cost information for the candidate kit. Therefore, this kit will not be certified to comply with the life-cycle cost requirements of the program. The 0.10 g/bhp-hr PM level has already been triggered for all the engines covered by this notification. If certified as proposed in the notification, this equipment may be used by operators who are required to use equipment that meets the 0.10 g/bhp-hr PM level based on earlier trigger certification.

Contact: Anthony Erb, Engine Programs and Compliance Division (6403J), US Environmental Protection Agency, 401 M St. SW, Washington, D.C. 20460. Telephone: (202) 233-9259

Source: US EPA