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March 2017

US EPA to re-open Midterm Evaluation of 2025 GHG emission standards

CPK adds smartphone connectivity for their DYNTEST data monitor

PSA Group to acquire Opel/Vauxhall from General Motors

BASF Catalysts announces new catalyst plant in India

Liebherr introduces 6-cylinder diesel engine

Navistar unveils 12.4 liter A26 engine

February 2017

EU truck manufacturers call for action to prevent tampering of emission controls

Auto Alliance urges US EPA to withdraw Final Determination on 2025 GHG standards

Toyota, Denso introduce catalyst substrate with dual cell density

John Deere and Liebherr announce engine collaboration

Bosch agrees to pay $327.5 million to settle private claims over Volkswagen diesel vehicles in the United States

Volkswagen reaches agreements with private plaintiffs, FTC on 3 L diesel vehicle claims in the United States

January 2017

Stanadyne, BYC form diesel common rail alliance

California ARB releases Midterm Review of clean emission vehicle programs

Mazda to introduce an HCCI engine

US EPA, California ARB notify Fiat Chrysler of Clean Air Act violations

Volkswagen pleads guilty to US criminal charges, agrees to pay $4.3 billion; Six VW executives indicted with conspiracy to cheat US emission tests

US EPA, CARB approve emission modifications for some VW 2.0 L diesel vehicles

December 2016

US EPA to initiate rulemaking for low-NOx emission standards for heavy-duty on-road engines

US EPA, CARB announce Consent Decree for Volkswagen 3 liter diesel vehicles

EU TCMV agrees on 3rd real driving emissions (RDE) regulatory package

Faurecia acquires Amminex

EU SAM group recommends real driving CO2 monitoring

California proposes GHG scoping plan update

November 2016

US EPA proposes to keep 2025 GHG standards unchanged

European Commission proposes Clean Energy package

US EPA finalizes 2017 renewable fuel volume requirements

EU plans to support food-based biofuels through 2030

Deutz unveils new 9 L diesel engine

Mazda to offer diesel CX-5 in North America

MIRATECH acquires IP assets of Vaporphase

October 2016

Conference report: ASME ICE 2016 Fall Technical Conference

IMO upholds the 2020 date for global low sulfur marine fuel requirements

California emission regulations—Going forward

Deutz and Liebherr announce engine alliance

ICAO agrees on a market-based measure to offset CO2 emissions from aviation

Detroit Diesel to pay $28.5M over US Clean Air Act violations