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February 2018

BP releases Energy Outlook 2018

City of Haifa establishes Low Emission Zone

Proventia opens a production plant in the Czech Republic

IMO to prohibit carriage of non-compliant high sulfur fuel oil

Volkswagen animal tests—What really happened?

January 2018

Cummins acquires Johnson Matthey’s automotive battery systems business

Achates Power and Aramco to co-operate on opposed-piston engine projects

US EPA releases 2017 CO2 Emissions and Fuel Economy Trends report

Ford offers first-ever F-150 diesel pick-up

CN to purchase 200 locomotives from GE Transportation

Proposed California bill would require all new cars to be ZEV from 2040

December 2017

Geely Holding invests over $3 billion in AB Volvo

Faurecia to purchase Hug Engineering

Low Emission Zone in Leipzig effective in reducing particle pollution

California ARB approves 2030 climate plan, $663 million in low-carbon transportation funding

SwRI announces ECTO-Lab catalyst testing facility

EU reaches agreement to strengthen vehicle type approval system

November 2017

Conference report: 15th FAD Conference

Nett Technologies moves to new facilities

CMA CGM to choose liquefied natural gas for its biggest ships

US EPA issues proposed rule to repeal emission regulation of glider kits

EU: Proposal for post-2020 CO2 targets for cars and vans

FPT unveils Cursor 13 natural gas engine

October 2017

Conference report: ASME ICE 2017 Fall Technical Conference

California ARB breaks ground for new headquarters in Riverside

Daimler introduces 4-cylinder, 48 V gasoline engine with a GPF

Amminex, Eminox to offer retrofit NH3-SCR system in the UK

California adopts ZEV mandates for state heavy-duty vehicle fleets

Andreas Mayer: Open letter on NO2 health effects—with responses

Volvo introduces LNG powered Euro VI trucks

September 2017

Bus manufacturers commit to bring ‘soot-free’ buses to 20 megacities

Andreas Mayer: Open letter on NO2 health effects

MAN reveals new flagship four-stroke marine diesel engine

Daimler Trucks launches all-electric FUSO eCanter truck

Bosch, Mahle sell their joint turbocharger business

Capstone, Kenworth testing a microturbine-powered hybrid electric truck

August 2017

Amminex introduces retrofit SCR system for passenger cars

Icebreaking LNG carrier crosses Arctic Northern Sea Route

Tesla to unveil electric heavy-duty truck

Navistar to end production of medium-duty 9/10 liter engine

Mazda announces SKYACTIV-X compression ignition gasoline engine

German carmakers to update emission software in 5 million diesel cars

July 2017

Conference report: 21st ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

Study: Modern gasoline cars produce more carbonaceous PM than diesel cars

Conference report: 4th Conference on SENSORS for Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment and CO2 Reduction

Volvo Cars announce electric powertrain strategy

US EPA proposes 2018 renewable fuel volumes

US NHTSA to reexamine CAFE civil penalty rates