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MSHA releases the final version of Diesel Toolbox

The Labor Department's Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) published the final version of "Diesel Toolbox", a document describing practical methods of reducing miners' exposure to harmful particulates produced by diesel engines.

A draft version of the Diesel Toolbox was published in April 1997. The publication, titled "Practical Ways to Reduce Exposure to Diesel Exhaust in Mining -A Toolbox", describes experiences of miners, mine operators and diesel equipment manufacturers in seeking to control diesel emissions. It is based on a series of MSHA workshops held in late 1995.

For more information contact MSHA's Office of Technical Support at (703) 235-1580 or browse to MSHA's homepage on the Internet at http://www.msha.gov/.

Diesel Toolbox from MSHA web site: [ html | pdf ]