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Urban Bus Retrofit/Rebuild—Engelhard equipment certified for 25% PM reduction from Cummins L10 engines

Effective 20 March 1998, the EPA certified a catalyst muffler from Engelhard Corporation for 25% PM removal. The certification covers MY 1992-1993 Cummins electronically controlled L10 4-stroke petroleum fueled diesel that were not originally equipped with an aftertreatment device.

The equipment meets the life-cycle cost requirements of the urban bus retrofit/rebuild program for certification. As such, it triggers the requirements for operators choosing to comply with compliance program 1 for the applicable engines. It may also be used by operators utilizing program 2 to achieve target fleet emission levels.

The Engelhard equipment is the first catalyst cerified for 25% PM reduction on a 4-stroke engine under the UBRR program.

Contact: Anthony Erb, EPA, (202) 233-9259.