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California ARB begins consideration of diesel exhaust as air toxic

30 July 1998

After a full day of testimony on whether diesel exhaust should be listed as a toxic air contaminant, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) today voted to leave its record open until after legislative committees review the issue next week. More than half of the Legislature wrote ARB requesting this action.

ARB Chairman John D. Dunlap said, "In deference to the large number of lawmakers who have expressed concerns about the impact of this decision, the ARB has decided to keep the record open until after the Legislature has an opportunity to address this matter."

The ARB heard more than five hours of testimony both supporting and opposing the identification of diesel exhaust as a toxic air contaminant. Those presenting testimony included state scientists, representatives of the trucking and fuel industry, manufacturers, agricultural businesses and environmentalists.

Both houses of the Legislature are planning independent hearings on the issue—the Assembly Transportation Committee on August 3, and the Senate Transportation Committee on August 4. The next ARB hearing is scheduled for August 27 in Sacramento.

Documents on this issue may be found on ARB's website at http://www.arb.ca.gov/toxics/diesel/diesel.htm.

Source: California ARB
Contact: Joe Irvin, Jerry Martin, (916) 322-2990