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Doubletree Technologies: New process to control diesel emissions

28 August 1998

The California EPA's Air Resources Board has declared diesel particulate emissions (DPM) as a "Toxic Air Contaminant" (TAC). A newly patented process, called "Trap-Muffler" system, can offer a solution to the diesel TAC problem, according to Detroit, MI-based Doubletree Technologies. The process can reduce both DPM and NOx by 90% and 50%, respectively, by a combined use of advanced trap technology with EGR process of cooled filtered exhaust gases.

Dr. Julius J. Rim of Doubletree Technologies, inventor of the process, claims that his process can meet or exceed the Euro 3 and even the future Euro 4 and US 2004 diesel emission DPM and NOx standards now, by simply retrofitting diesel engines with the Trap-Muffler system. According to Dr. Rim, diesel trap based technologies, contrary to catalytic converters, can effectively control the emissions of ultra-fine sized particles (nanoparticles) that are more harmful to public health.

Doubletree Technologies, Inc. is a Detroit, MI - based development stage company which developed and patented the "Trap-Muffler" process.

Contact: Dr. Julius J. Rim, (248) 737-4141, fax (248) 737-4142, e-mail jrim139818@aol.com.