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CleanDIESEL soot filter receives approval by Swedish government

20 October 1998

CleanAIR Systems, Inc. announced that its CleanDIESEL™ Soot Filter has recently received certification by the Swedish Government for use under the Swedish Environmental Zones program. The filter can be used on diesel-powered trucks and buses, as well as on off-road equipment, to comply with the emission reduction requirements of the program.

“The certification by the Swedish government is an important milestone in our catalyzed soot filter program,” said Michael Roach, president of CleanAIR Systems, Inc.

The certification testing was performed by AB Svensk Bilprovning Motortest Center according to ISO 8178 C1 test cycle. The CleanDIESEL™ Soot Filter reduces concentrations of diesel particulates by more than 80%, and reduces the emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons by more than 90%.

Designed for hard-working diesel engines on generator sets, heavy construction equipment, buses and freight trucks, the filter chemically converts carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor, while trapping carbon particles in its ceramic honeycomb walls.

Unique to the industry, CleanAIR Systems is manufacturing its own catalyst. In addition to CleanDIESEL™ Soot Filers, CleanAIR Systems manufactures CleanDIESEL™ Converters for use on diesel-powered heavy construction equipment, and CleanPROPANE™ and CleanGASOLINE™ Converters for use on propane and gasoline engines.

Founded in 1993, CleanAIR Systems is a privately held manufacturing company based in Santa Fe, NM. For more information about CleanAIR Systems’ products for diesel, propane and gasoline engines, call 1-800-355-5513, or outside the United States call (505) 474-4120.

Contact: Michael Roach (505) 474-4120
Source: CleanAir Systems