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Cummins and Scania form a joint venture

7 January 1998

Cummins Engine Co. and Scania CV AB announced that they have formally signed a joint venture agreement to assemble and test a new fuel system for diesel engines developed by the two companies. The new company, named Cummins-Scania High Pressure Injection, L.L.C. and located in Columbus, IN, began production 1 January 1999. The joint venture is owned 70% by Cummins and 30% by Scania.

The electronically controlled fuel system uses high-pressure injection technology developed to meet future emission standards worldwide. The new injection system is used on Cummins’ Signature 600 engines. Scania will use the new system for future products.

Scania, headquartered in Sodertalje, Sweden, is a manufacturer of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. Cummins, headquartered in Columbus, IN, is the world’s largest producer of diesel engines above 200 horsepower.

Source: Cummins Engine