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Isuzu Motors opens diesel engine plant in Poland

16 June 1999

Japan’s Isuzu Motors Ltd., owned 49% by General Motors, has opened a diesel engine factory in southern Poland. The plant is located in Tychy in the Katowice special economic zone.

The $125 million factory represents the biggest Japanese investment in Poland. Isuzu said it plans to produce 600,000 diesel engines at its new plant in Poland by 2005. Plans call for the facility to produce 100,000 diesel engines at the plant in 2000 and 300,000 in 2003.

The plant currently employs 370 of an eventual 600 people. The plant is manufacturing 1.7-liter diesels primarily for GM’s Opel cars, including cars made by the GM-Opel factory in Gliwice in the same region of Poland.

Source: Diesel Progress