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BP Amoco launches a Clean Fuels Program in the Paris Region

2 September 1999

Effective September 1st, BP France launched a "Clean Fuels" Program for the Paris region, with the introduction of a new ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD), termed "BP Diesel Ecology", which anticipates the year 2005 EU environmental specifications on sulfur of 50 ppm wt. Today's sulfur standard in EU is 500 ppm.

BP Diesel Ecology is marketed today in all 40 BP inner-Paris service-stations and will be available in all of BP's 240 Paris region retail network by the end of the year. BP Diesel Ecology is also being marketed to BP's commercial customers such as bus and other transport companies running fleets.

BP Diesel Ecology reduces sulfur emissions, decreases particulates and black smoke emissions, and opens the door for the introduction of advanced diesel emission aftertreatment technologies. The ultra low sulfur fuel is offered at no extra cost.

BP France's "Clean Fuels" Program for the Paris region also includes a development of Autogas, an LPG fuel distribution system developed in cooperation with BP's partner Butagaz.

The "clean fuels" initiative for Paris is part of BP Amoco's worldwide Clean Cities Program for 40 cities - cities where traffic is particularly congested and where BP Amoco will be introducing in the next 2 years cleaner fuels including unleaded gasoline, ULSD, and LPG. BP Amoco intends to phase out lead fuels by 2002.

With London, Paris and the Paris region, are amongst the first cities to be selected for this Program in Europe.

Source: BP Amoco