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Pt/Ce fuel additive from CDT registered by the EPA

7 January 2000

Stamford, CT,-based Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT) announced that it had received Tier 1 registration from the US EPA for its Platinum Plus® bimetallic diesel fuel additive. This fuel additive includes two active catalytic components: platinum (Pt) and cerium (Ce).

According to CDT, the fuel additive can be used either as a combustion catalyst to improve fuel economy and lower emissions, or as a fuel-borne catalyst to facilitate regeneration of diesel particulate filters. CDT said that when used as a fuel combustion catalyst Platinum Plus® can reduce particulate emissions by up to 25%, while improving fuel economy an average of 6%.

CDT expects the additive would cost between 4 and 7 cents per one gallon of treated fuel

Fuel borne catalysts are also viewed as a possible means to facilitate regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPF). At this time, only limited experience exists with DPF additives. The first larger scale commercial application of additive regenerated particulate filters is expected in some MY2000 diesel cars by Peugeot.

According to CDT, the Pt/Ce additive can be used for DPF regeneration at a lower dosage than other competitive products, resulting in less additive ash accumulation in the filter and less exhaust gas pressure loss.

CDT also announced that it was recently granted a US Patent covering the use of the Pt/Ce bimetallic formulation with a diesel particulate filter.

CDT is a development-stage company focusing on diesel fuel additives and NOx reduction systems.

Additive registration is required by the EPA for a fuel additive to be sold commercially for highway fuels. The EPA registration is also required for fuel additives used in underground coal mining and, under proposed legislation, in non-coal mines in the US.

Source: Clean Diesel Technologies