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EC starts a consultation on the need to reduce the sulfur content of petrol & diesel fuels below 50 ppm

27 May 2000

The European Commission, DG Environment, has launched a "Call for Evidence" regarding the appropriate level for the sulfur content of petrol and diesel fuels used in the EU.

The specifications for petrol and diesel fuel sold in the EU are described in Directive 98/70/EC. Effective 1 January 2005, petrol and diesel must contain no more than 50 ppm of sulfur, a level that was agreed by Council and Parliament at the end of the Auto-Oil I Programme.

The issue of sulfur in fuel is being revisited to account for a number of new technological development in automotive engines and emission control equipment coupled with a greater desire to make progress on issues such as climate change. The European Commission has invited all potential stakeholders to express their views and to present any relevant findings on the appropriate level of sulfur in fuels.

The submitted contributions will be synthesized and reviewed by a panel of independent experts. If appropriate, the Commission will then bring forward a proposal to amend the current legislation in respect of the sulfur content of petrol and diesel, as well as other fuel parameters.

Contributions must be submitted no later than 31st July 2000. Contact: Peter.Wicks@cec.eu.int or Brian.Brangan@cec.eu.int.

Source: European Commission