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Ceryx QuadCAT catalytic converter certified in Sweden

14 July 2000

Ceryx Inc. of Santa Paula, CA, announced that its QuadCAT catalytic converter for diesel engines received certification by the Swedish government under the Swedish Environmental Zones program.

In 1996 the three largest cities in Sweden introduced “Environmental Zones” in the city centers. The main purpose was to prohibit the use of old and highly polluting heavy-duty vehicles in the town centers thereby improving the ambient air quality. The program targeted highway truck and bus engines. In 1999 a similar program was introduced by the cities to reduce emissions from off-road engines. The program is applicable for a variety of applications, ranging from construction machines, wheel tractors, and excavators to lawn mowers and hedge cutters.

The program requires an 80% particulate reduction for both on- and off-road vehicles and a 60% reduction in hydrocarbons for on-road vehicles. The Ceryx QuadCAT achieved hydrocarbon reduction of 100% and particulate matter reduction of 96%.

The certification testing was performed on a chassis dynamometer with an in-fleet bus powered by a Volvo diesel engine. Emissions were measured over the Braunschweig driving cycle.

Ceryx also reported that nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions were reduced by 7 grams per mile (4.4 g/km). The engine baseline was not revealed, but Euro I/II diesel vehicles typically emit 9 - 15 g/km of NOx over the Braunschweig test cycle.

Ceryx said it is currently in the process of obtaining certification of its products in several other areas throughout the world including Hong Kong, Tokyo and Mexico City.