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BP sponsors school bus retrofits in Los Angeles

23 May 2001

BP p.l.c. announced a $1 million donation to eight local school districts in the Los Angeles, CA, area. The donation will allow to retrofit 160 school buses with diesel particulate filters (DPF). DPF-equipped buses are operated on ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, which is available in California from selected suppliers, including BP (former ARCO).

The announcement was part of a launch event in downtown Los Angeles celebrating an official unveiling of the new BP Helios logo. The new logo, named the Helios mark after the sun god of ancient Greece, echoes an original marble motif in the London headquarters of BP, which was designed by the celebrated architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens, in the 1920’s.

The high-profile launch followed a series of combinations over the past three years, with the former British Petroleum, Amoco Corp., ARCO and Burmah Castrol uniting into a single entity under BP.

Source: BP p.l.c.