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Lubrizol to Provide PuriNOx fuel technology for blending of BP’s Aspira fuel

17 December 2001

The Lubrizol Corporation announced that it will provide BP with its PuriNOx™ water-diesel fuel emulsion technology. This will enable BP to blend its new Aspira low-emission fuel for diesel engines, a part of the BP System City low-emissions initiative.

BP’s first System City customer is Arriva, the largest bus operator in London. Arriva is running Aspira fuel in its 120-plus-vehicle London Clapton garage fleet. BP will further channel sales of this offer directly to centrally fueled diesel engine fleets, which include on- and off-road applications, such as pickup and delivery vehicles, urban and school buses, waste management fleets, agricultural vehicles, mining and construction equipment and coastal marine ships and stationary power generators.

PuriNOx technology is a water-in-diesel fuel emulsion developed by Lubrizol to reduce emissions of both oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). Fuel marketing partners, such as BP, use a special blending system provided by Lubrizol to mix the components of the fuel into the emulsion. BP will purchase the special additive chemistry from Lubrizol in order to blend the water with the fuel. Arriva buses will be fueled with the water-diesel emulsion without the need for hardware add-ons and engine modifications or replacements.

Source: Lubrizol Corporation