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US EPA to develop verification procedures for fuels, fuel additives, and SCR retrofits

5 February 2002

The EPA’s Air Pollution Control Technology Verification Center (APCTVC) is forming two new Technical Panels (TP) related to mobile diesel engines. The two TP’s - (1) fuels, fuel additives, and alternative fuels; and (2) Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) control devices - will provide guidance to the APCTVC in developing generic verification protocols for verifying the performance of these types of controls in reducing emissions from mobile diesel engines.

Protocols developed by the APCTVC will be used for formal verification of emission reductions of equipment to be used in the EPA Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program (VDRP), announced in March 2000. A protocol for verification of diesel oxidation catalysts, particulate filters, and engine control devices is now nearly finished. Development of protocols for fuels and SCR catalysts would open the door for using these technologies for retrofitting heavy-duty engines under the VDRP program.

Completion of the fuels and SCR protocols is targeted by July, 2002.

The APCTVC is soliciting participation of the stakeholders in the new TPs. These new TPs will meet on February 27 - 28, 2002, in Arlington, VA.

For more information contact Doug van Osdell, +1-919-541-6785, dwv@rti.org or Jenni Elion, +1-919-541-6253, jme@rti.org.

Draft verification procedure for DOC/DPF/Engine devices
EPA Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program

Source: US EPA