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Taylor Dynamometer acquires diesel product business form SuperFlow

26 February 2002

Effective 28 January 2002, Taylor Dynamometer acquired the diesel product lines of SuperFlow Corporation. The transaction included the products, parts and servicing of SuperFlow diesel test equipment.

The primary product lines acquired by Taylor are the 602 Chassis Dynamometer including the PAR systems and the SF-3100 Portable Engine Dynamometer. Taylor also acquired the exclusive rights to service and sell SuperFlow’s complete line of dynamometer control and data acquisition instrumentation for the acquired diesel products.

Taylor Dynamometer, in business since 1922, has been specializing in water brake dynamometers for the diesel industry. Taylor manufactured its first chassis dynamometer in 1963 and today Taylor has the largest world wide installed base of heavy-duty high horsepower chassis dynamometers. Over 90% of the chassis dynamometers in North America are either a Taylor or one of the former SuperFlow units that are now produced by Taylor.

The SF-3100 Portable Engine Dynamometer will be combined with Taylor’s line of high horsepower stationary style water brake engine dynamometers.

For more information contact Tony Losiniecki or Art Downey at (262) 785-7180, or sales@taylordyno.com.

Source: Taylor Dynamometer