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Sierra Instruments introduces networking software for its Model BG-2 sampler

1 March 2002

Sierra Instruments’ Emissions Division announced the availability of new networking software on their Model BG-2 Automated Fractional Sampler. The Model BG-2 is a micro-dilution diesel particulate matter sampler which satisfies ISO 8178-1 requirements for full-dilution equivalency testing.

The new Model BG-2 networking software makes TCP/IP and serial communication available in both remote and local modes. An Ethernet connection allows the test stand to be operated from a remote location, such as a lab or adjacent test cell. This networking capability facilitates data sharing and availability and can help to accelerate engine development and certification processes.

The fully automated Model BG-2 reduces the capital and operational costs of full flow dilution test cell requirements. The unit can be transported and used for engine testing regardless of RPM, power output, engine or stack size. Sampling time is approximately 3 to 5 minutes for a 2-milligram net sample mass.

Source: Sierra Instruments