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Engelhard expanding diesel emission control capabilities

5 September 2002

Following the publication of the final Health Assessment Document For Diesel Exhaust by the US Environmental Protection Agency, Engelhard Corporation announced that it has completed the initial stages of a multi-million dollar program to significantly expand its diesel emission control capabilities and will begin delivering new product in the fourth quarter of this year.

Engelhard’s ongoing diesel expansion program includes significantly increased manufacturing capacity at the company’s operations in Huntsville, AL as well as the installation of new research and development facilities at its engine labs in Union, NJ and Hanover, Germany. “We undertook this expansion to help our customers meet new diesel emission regulations taking effect around the world over the next six to seven years,” said Barry W. Perry, Engelhard’s chairman and chief executive officer. “We already have commitments from diesel-engine OEMs, and we expect to be a leading player in this emerging market.”

Engelhard’s diesel-emission technology development programs include advanced catalytic particulate filters for PM reduction, selective catalytic reduction, diesel-oxidation catalysts, lean-NOx catalysts and NOx absorbers for NOx reduction.

The US and European Union have adopted legislation regulating emissions from most new medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines. US regulations require reductions of more than 90% of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) between 2007 and 2010. European standards require PM reductions of more than 75% and NOx reductions of 60% by 2008.

Engelhard is also a supplier of emission control technology for diesel retrofit applications. According to Engelhard, over 30,000 heavy duty diesel vehicles around the world have been retrofitted with its DPX® catalytic particulate filters and other environmental technologies, including trucks and buses in New York City; Los Angeles, CA; Stamford, CT; London; Paris; and Hong Kong.

Source: Engelhard Corporation