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Engelhard catalysts selected for use in Hong Kong retrofit program

16 January 2003

Iselin, NJ-based Engelhard Corporation announced that its diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology has been selected for use in the heavy-duty diesel retrofit program in Hong Kong. Engelhard catalysts will be supplied for all five engine types covered by the Hong Kong initiative.

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Approximately 30,000 delivery vans, sanitation trucks, pieces of construction equipment and other diesel vehicles qualify for fitting with diesel oxidation catalysts under the program administered by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Participation in the program is voluntary for vehicle owners. Government rebates will cover the entire cost of the retrofit equipment and its installation.

Diesel oxidation catalysts reduce emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter from diesel engines. Engelhard said its catalysts are currently in use on tens of thousands of vehicles around the world, including in Hong Kong, where several bus companies already have installed Engelhard catalysts on their buses.

In 2000, the Hong Kong government earmarked US$180 million to dramatically reduce vehicular emissions by 2005. The money is being spent on a number of initiatives including the diesel-retrofit program, which is aimed at cleaning up older medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that don’t meet current emission standards.

Engelhard’s catalysts will be installed by its distributor in Hong Kong, Dah Chong Hong (Motor Service Centre) Limited at their network of garages around Hong Kong. Once installed, the DOCs operate without routine maintenance.

Selection for the Hong Kong program was also recently announced by Finland-based Kemira.

Source: Engelhard