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Sensors introduces NO/NO2 measuring instrument

3 July 2003

Saline, MI-based Sensors Inc. announced the SEMTECH NO/NO2 200 emissions analysis unit for the measurement of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide concentrations.

The SEMTECH NO/NO2 200 provides accuracy within &plusm;3% of the reading, or 15 ppm, whichever is greater, for both NO and NO2. For both gas constituents, resolution is 1 ppm and linearity is &plusm;1% of the reading or 5 ppm, whichever is greater.

The SEMTECH NO/NO2 200 utilizes an electrodeless lamp (EDL). Discrete spectral lines emitted by the EDL correspond to adsorption wavelengths for NO and NO2, eliminating the need for an NO2 to NO converter. The use of specific wavelengths also eliminates the risk of interference from water vapor in the non-dispersive ultraviolet (NDUV) analyzer, which is used in other models of SEMTECH instruments by Sensors. The EDL is warranted for 20,000 hours.

The SEMTECH NO/NO2 200 has been designed to offer cost-effective, lab-quality performance under continued field-use conditions. It can be used for such tasks as monitoring engine performance of vehicles in use, R&D of engines and emission control equipment, or testing in end-of-the-line production environments.

Source: Sensors Inc.