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Bosch to produce diesel particulate filters by 2005

24 September 2003

Robert Bosch Corporation, the US subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, announced that Bosch will begin series production of particulate filters for diesel passenger cars and light trucks in 2005. This technology will provide PM emission reductions which are needed for meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 2 emission regulations.

Bosch diesel particulate filters will utilize sintered metal substrates, different from the industry standard ceramic wall-flow monoliths. Bosch said it has been working simultaneously on two regeneration concepts for the filters, one for use with fuel additives and the other with a catalytic coating. In both cases, the filter is regenerated by hot exhaust gases, which oxidize deposited carbonaceous particulates. The filters will be designed to provide sufficient space for ash deposits collected over the normal service life of a vehicle and will not require servicing or replacement.

Bosch expects sales of particulate filters could reach 6 million annually by 2007, as carmakers will need them to meet the EPA Tier 2 standards on diesel cars and light trucks. The Tier 2 standards will be phased-in between 2004 and 2009. Ultra-low sulfur fuel, needed by some filter systems, is mandated in the US from mid-2006.

In 2002 Bosch acquired the basic technology for sintered metal particulate filters, as well as the worldwide rights for further development, manufacturing and sales of such filters for diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, from HJS Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH & Co. in Menden, Germany. Bosch will invest approximately $223 million in development and production equipment.

By extending its range of products, Bosch will become a single source for essential emissions related systems and components for diesel engines, including high pressure direct injection, particulate filters and exhaust gas sensors, as well as related engine and exhaust gas management systems.

Source: Robert Bosch Corporation