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Lubrizol’s Purifilter verified by US EPA, approved by UK VCA

27 November 2003

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has verified the Purifilter™ Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) manufactured by Lubrizol Engine Control Systems (ECS). The Purifilter, verified under the EPA’s ETV protocol, can be now used for retrofitting diesel vehicles under the Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program.

When used with ultra low-sulfur diesel (15 ppm S), the Purifilter has been assigned emission reduction values of 90%, 85%, and 75% for PM, HC, and CO, respectively. The verification applies to model year 1994-2003, highway, heavy heavy-duty, medium heavy-duty and urban bus, 4 cycle, turbocharged or naturally aspirated, non-EGR diesel engines.

The Purifilter is a passively regenerating, platinum catalyzed particulate filter utilizing silicon carbide (SiC) wall-flow monolith substrate. To assure proper regeneration, the engine exhaust temperature must be at least 280°C for at least 25% of the applicable duty cycle.

In the UK market, the Purifilter recently received an approval from the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), after passing engine and vehicle tests. The device is now officially recognized as a Type Approved Reduced Pollution Device under the UK Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rebate program. When a vehicle has its annual inspection, the Vehicle Inspectorate will check the Purifilter part number against its database. If all is correct, the vehicle will be issued a Reduced Pollution Certificate that customers can use to claim the reduced annual payment from VED.

The Purifilter is also eligible for funding from the UK Energy Saving Trust (EST), which can cover 75% of the cost of implementing the system.

Through a combination of the EST funding with the annual VED rebate, customers can purchase the Purifilter at a reduced rate and eventually achieve full payback. For instance, customers who purchase a £5,200 Purifilter system (64 seat bus) can receive £3,900 EST funding. The remaining expense of £1,300 would be paid back within 4 years through VED rebates of £335 per annum.

EPA verification information

Source: Lubrizol