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Cleare to supply 375 Longview systems for San Francisco buses

29 January 2004

The San Francisco public transit agency, San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI), has started retrofitting 375 diesel powered urban buses with emission control systems. First systems were installed in December 2003. The project is expected to be completed in 2004.

The emission control system, called the Longview, is produced by Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls. It is a combination of a catalyzed diesel particulate filer with an active lean NOx catalyst, which utilizes diesel fuel injected upsteam of the catalyst to reduce nitrogen oxides. The system has been verified by the California ARB to provide a 85% PM emission reduction and a 25% reduction of NOx.

Funding for the project will come from $13.8 million in federal monies allocated to 12 Bay Area transit agencies this year by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. MUNI will be the first of the agencies to install the devices under this program.

According to Cleaire, the Longview system is now in use on more than 100 diesel buses and trucks throughout California, including the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority and Caltrans vehicles.

Source: Cleaire