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Umicore to use palladium in diesel catalysts

2 April 2004

Belgium’s Umicore announced the introduction of new catalyst technology that will enable the use of palladium (Pd) in diesel emission control systems for passenger cars. Until now, platinum (Pt) has been the only precious metal used in catalysts for Euro 3/4 passenger cars. The new technology can provide automobile manufacturers with flexibility in their choice of catalyst materials for diesel engines. The new catalyst has been developed by Umicore’s Automotive Catalyst division (formerly OMG).

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This development has been facilitated by the increasing availability of low sulfur diesel fuel and the sophistication of modern engine management systems, said Umicore. At this stage, the new technology would enable to replace approximately one quarter of current platinum loadings by palladium in diesel oxidation catalysts.

The catalyst may be also applicable to diesel particulate filter systems. It “offers added scope for broader and faster introduction of catalytically activated diesel particulate filters (DPFs) in the market”, said Umicore.

Source: Umicore